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As always, there are no limits to Globecreative's reach when it comes to building brands and campaigns for international clients.  We are fortunate to be working with some awesome US based clients and proud to launch some great new stuff from New York very soon :-) 


Matthys Ras

In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary stuff. Marketing guru Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than boring ones.


Matthys Ras

“Creativity can solve everything” – George Lois (Google him).
At Globecreative, we want to know what your problems are.
How can we help? Give us the opportunity to solve them for you.

Let’s see. You may have issues like:
1. Staff is not inspired or giving 110% every day.
2. Profit not where it should be.
3. You are attracting the wrong crowd.
4. You are not reaching the areas and people that would be ideal for you brand.
5. Your investors don’t feel engaged in your brand.
6. The environment your staff are working in is not condusive to creative thinking.
7. You are waiting too long for the smallest projects.
8. There is no direct contact to your creative team.
9. Sometimes you have a brainwave at 11pm at night and don’t have anyone to talk to or quickly implement your idea.
10. You need a greater gap between income and profit.
11. Costs need to be cut, but you cannot sacrifice creativity.
12. You need to engage customers and get them to spend freely.
13. Productivity is low within your organisation
14. Corporate Communication is really lacking
etc, etc, etc…

We can go on forever, and so can you.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Globecreative will discuss your problems with you and brainstorm solutions. We will then present it to you for consideration and implement every aspect.

Try us today.  Chat to Willem and let’s arrange a meet and greet to get started on solving all your internal and external problems.


Event BrandingMatthys Ras

Think of your next corporate event: whether it’s a golf day, conference, trade show or product launch, how do you plan to keep your brand top of mind during the event? Forget about the usual – branded banners, umbrellas and brochures are a given – here are 3 ways to brand your corporate event to best garner engagement:

Get an Expert to Speak

The key challenge is to keep the crowd at a corporate event engaged and interested in the proceedings. One of the best ways to achieve this is by inviting an expert to speak on a specific subject.

Inviting an expert – preferably from in-house – to engage with those in attendance will position your company as an authority in your field. This professional will also be able to inform the audience on the different sectors your company is involved in and offer further insight and trend projections.

Top tip: Choose an expert speaker that is flexible; someone personable and confident that will be able to engage the crowd, share specialist knowledge and answer audience questions.

The Goodie Bag

While giving out goodie bags is an unspoken rule for corporate event planners, these needn’t have to cost you profits. Choosing the right goodie bags for your attendees should be based on your key brand message. These will form the final experience your attendees will have with your corporate event and need to be memorable. Here are 3 things to consider when compiling your goodie bags:

  • Choose gifts that are useful: Think small gadgets, diaries, good pens – practical but beautiful items that attendees will use in their lives for months or years to come.
  • Include a refresher: Compile an overview of the main ideas you wish to convey with your corporate event. What key methods did the speakers and experts share?
  • Don’t forget a call to action: Include booking information, special offers and exclusive deals. The attendees will still have your event fresh in their minds and this will be your last opportunity to get them to invest in the ideas, products or services shared at your corporate event.

While your corporate event goodie bags needn’t be filled with expensive products, it’s important that you take this opportunity to have one last interaction with your event’s target audience. Give them a reason to follow up with you.

Social Media

Don’t ignore the power of social media. You can use various platforms to engage with your target audience while your event is still in the planning stage, and at minimum cost. Social media channels can best work as communication tools, sources of information, and a great way for you to gauge interest in your event. If you’re hosting speakers who are sought-after experts in their fields, your social media channels will give you a platform to share these conversations online.

Top tip: Choose a relevant hashtag.

Hashtags are a great way to group together conversations about a specific event across social media channels. Be sure to share your hashtag when you send out invitations, and to encourage attendees to quote and share your official hashtag during the event. To further encourage engagement, hire a community manager to keep the conversation going on social media and to monitor what is being said.

Using social media can also help people in attendance to strike conversation with each other. Networking and engaging is not always easy face-to-face but a few retweets and replies (or post likes) can lead the conversation to the real world. Plus, your social media channels can help keep conversations going long after your event has ended, and provide you with a space (and a ready-made engaged audience) to start promoting your next event.