Brand Creation

Naming – If you struggle with coming up with the perfect name for your business or product, we'll come up with a list of options for you. 

Logo Design – We will send you a visual questionnaire to complete that will act as our brief. Here you will be able to select colour and font preferences and many more options to avoid any misdirection. A comprehensive set of logo options will be presented for you to choose from.  You can suggest changes or just LOVE one at first site. 

Stationery – Business cards, electronic and printable letterheads, email signatures and any other business documents you will need.

Websites – Website design and layout as well as development and coding of websites.

App development – We design and develop apps for corporations and ourselves. Do you have an idea for a cool online app?  Let's chat about it and make it a reality.

Brand Building

Press and Print Campaigns – We develop full campaigns from coming up with the concepts to take your brand to the next level, to high quality production for print purposes.

Online Ad Campaigns – Online is where most sales decisions take place.  You cannot afford not to advertise online, and you cannot afford to have ads online that doesn't convert to sales. We know how to grab your audience and make them take sales decisions.

Videos and TV ads – From concept to production, we will create your corporate videos, promotional social media videos, teasers videos and television advert to the highest quality.

Outdoor Media – Great outdoor media is more than just converting your print campaign to outdoor sizes. It speaks to the viewer on a very different level and has one second to attract attention. 


Digital Production


Resizing – Creating various sizes for a campaign from one original file.  

Digital Sets – Creating artwork from publicity received for clients such as TV channels or online movie and show sites. 


Event Management – From start to finish planning of your event.  Creative concepts to make every event an unforgettable experience.

Event Branding – Branding, design and marketing of your event.  We make your event look good, and get to come to buy tickets or RSVP. 

Brand Rollout

The tactics executed vary, depending on your company’s marketing needs.

  • Web site design

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Packaging design

  • Brochure design

  • Direct mail

  • Print advertising

  • Radio advertising

  • TV advertising

  • Media planning and buying

  • Advertising campaign photography

  • Public Relations

  • Web banners

  • Keyword marketing

  • Trade Show Booths

  • Signage design

  • Partner marketing

  • Customer value analysis